What will you need?

  1. Entsecure bootable image file (.iso)
  2. Oracle Virtual Box for virtualization
  3. Laptop/PC that you want to install on. ⚠️ We currently only support x86 architecture-based devices.
  4. Internet Connection (Wi-Fi or Wired)

Before you begin, please make sure that you laptop has enough memory space allocation for Virtual Machine.

  1. Entsecure bootable image file (.iso). If you don't have the ISO file, please browse to Entsecure OS Manager Portal (https://portal.entsecure.com) to download and proceed with the next step.
  2. Oracle Virtual Box for virtualisation. Please head to VirtualBox official website https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads to download VirtualBox 6.1.26 platform packages based on your Operating system (OS).

Installing VirtualBox on MacOS

Installing VirtualBox on Windows


  1. Open the new DMG file, and then double-click “VirtualBox.pkg” to open the installer. You’ll also find the User Manual here, as well as the Uninstall tool.


  1. Click “Continue” to proceed through the installer. If you want to change where and how the VirtualBox application installs, click “Change Install Location.”
  2. If you haven’t given your Mac permission to install programs from Oracle previously, it’s highly likely the installation will fail at this stage.
  3. To grant permission, click the magnifying glass at the top right, type “Security,” and then press Enter. Alternatively, you can click Applications > System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Near the bottom of the General tab, you should see some text that says software from Oracle America, Inc. was blocked. Click “Allow,” and then reinstall.